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Services - Boarding

Your pet will be treated with loving care while boarding with Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital. Pets are walked three times per day and lavished with affection and personal attention from our trained staff.

Highly nutritious feeding options are available for your pet. We supply Royal Canin food however, you may bring your own food in a container clearly marked with your name, your pet’s name and any instructions. Depending on size, each pet gets a private run or cage for sleeping and eating. Quarters are cleaned and sanitized at least twice a day. A pet’s bed or blanket may be brought from home as long as it is easy to launder and is clearly marked with your name and your pet’s name.

Every pet is unique. At check-in, please make us aware of any special needs, exercise requirements, or other information on your pet. We will gladly administer prescription diets, medications and do whatever is necessary to make your pet feel most comfortable during their stay.

We also offer a variety of extra services such as:
Bath and Brushing
One-on-One Playtime
Elective Procedures

Reservations for boarding are required, but we can often accommodate last minute boarders. Pets may arrive and be picked up during regular business hours. Saturday and Sunday pickup is also available.

In order to ensure a safe, disease-free environment for all our visitors, Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital requires that boarding pets be up-to-date on intestinal parasite as well as all vaccinations. For canines, the required vaccinations are: Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Rabies. For felines, the required inoculations are: Distemper, Chlamydia, Leukemia and Rabies.

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