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Services - Dentistry

Periodontal disease is a progressive, gradual destruction of the gums caused by bacteria. This dental disease can be life threatening because dangerous bacteria can enter the bloodstream and wreak havoc in your pet’s internal organs, especially heart valves. The fact is that dental disease can kill.

If your pet has bad breath, periodontal disease may be the cause. Any build up of yellowish or brownish material on the teeth is calculus, tartar or plaque all signs of periodontal disease which should be checked by one of our doctors. During your pet’s examination, the doctor will evaluate you pet’s current dental health condition and give you a dental report card.

If it is determined that a dental treatment is necessary, we can schedule a dental cleaning and polishing. Anesthesia is required for this because your pet won’t hold still and open wide on command. While your pet is under anesthesia, we will also perform a thorough exam, take x-rays if required, and perform any additional services, such as extractions,gum surgery and oral tumor excisions.

Surgery Preparation
The night before dentistry, please:
Feed the pet its normal diet before 8pm. Do NOT feed additional solid food after 8pm to avoid the risk of vomiting while under the influence of anesthesia
Provide water all night long is allowed
Start oral antibiotics as directed
The morning dentistry is scheduled:
Exercise your pet before bringing to the clinic
Do NOT allow any food or water
Give oral antibiotics as directed
Please have your pet on a leash and felines in a carrier
Be sure to remind the clinic about any drug allergies or other medical conditions that might be of concern at the time of dentistry
Complete the surgical admitting form at the time of admission for a smoother checkin, fill out forms before the dental
Discuss any concerns and ask any questions you may have
Be sure to provide phone numbers where you can be reached throughout the day
  Surgery Form