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Pet Care Corner

Regular vaccinations and dental care can keep your pet healthy and happy and help them live a long and active life. We offer the following links for trusted information on a variety of topics relating to your pets, such as basic health, administering medication, household dangers, traveling with your pet, as well as specific conditions you will want to watch for.

Click here for video access to pet care tips
Click here for information from the Humane Society of Carteret County
"News" It’s Hurricane Season . . .

Pet care tips in case of evacuation - No one left behind!
Hurricanes are a distinct possibility here in eastern North Carolina and as you pull together your evacuation plan. Be sure to have your pet records with yhou if you relocate to a hotel, relative's home, boarding facility or community shelter. It is recommended to have your canine pet's bordetella / kennel cough vaccine current.

Stock your pet’s emergency kit with food, water, treats, medications, leashes, and a special toy or two.


Make sure you know in advance a list of pet-friendly motels, shelters. Your county emergency services office can help, or visit PAWS of Carteret for further information. Have your pet carriers easily accessible. Make sure they are well-identified with your pet's name, your name and contact information, your vet's name and number as well as a picture of your pet in the event your pet becomes lost. the Microchip ensures identification for your pet.

Protect your pet against unwanted parasites. we offer a wide variety of pet supplies specifically for your pet's needs.

Our clinic now prescribes and arranges delivery of compounded prescriptions from our affiliated pharmacy that are individualized for your pet's weight and risk factors. These combinations and dosages are affordably priced regardless of the size of your dog.

Your pet's prescription will contain either 12 or 24 flavored capsules for an entire year's protection. Each year the strength of protection can be adjusted to reflect the weight of your pet.

The capsules are given monthly to help keep your dog free of common parasites that may adversely affect his or her health. the medication can be delivered free to your home or you may pick it up at the office within 5 days of placing your order.

Call us or stop by to inquire about "Custom Parasite Control"
Your Protection options include:
Flea Eggs