Pet Dermatology Problems and Treatment

Like people, your pet can develop skin problems like rashes, open sores, irritation, hair loss, and infections. Pet dermatology issues often stem from allergies. At Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital in Morehead City, we have ample experience treating pet allergies and the skin problems they can cause. With the help of our veterinarian, your pet can get the help he needs to restore him to full health.

Symptoms of Allergies in Pets

Pet allergy symptoms often show up on your pet’s skin. If you notice your pet scratching incessantly due to uncontrolled itching, he may be suffering from an allergy. Dermatology problems like dry, itchy skin, skin rash, irritation, fur loss, and ear infections are all common symptoms of allergies.

Pet allergies can fall into three categories: environmental allergies, food allergies, and flea saliva allergies. All three are treatable once they’ve been diagnosed. Left unchecked, however, your pet’s allergic reactions can escalate into major health issues that require more extensive (and more costly) treatments.

Pet Allergy Diagnosis

Many pets are allergic to flea saliva which can cause irritating reactions on their skin. Our veterinarian will examine your pet’s fur and skin to determine if a flea infestation could be the source of his dermatology issues. If so, we’ll prescribe medications to get rid of the fleas in order to eliminate allergy symptoms.

Environmental allergies can be diagnosed through blood and skin tests. Some common allergens are chemicals in household or grooming products, pollen, certain types of plants and grasses, mold, and dust mites. After pinpointing the allergens your pet is allergic to, you can help him avoid them to manage allergy symptoms.

Food allergies can cause vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, and other digestive problems. Putting your pet on an elimination diet can help determine the source of your pet’s symptoms. We’ll slowly introduce foods back into his diet to see which are causing negative reactions. Eliminating these foods from his diet can restore your pet’s digestive health and prevent some dermatology issues.

Pet Allergy Treatment

In addition to eliminating allergens, our veterinarian may prescribe ointments, anti-itch conditioners, antihistamines, or oral steroids to help manage sporadic allergy outbreaks. By treating your pet’s allergies, we can help control skin problems and restore your pet to good health. A healthy pet can live a longer, happier, life free of the irritations that allergies can cause.

Visit Our Morehead City Veterinarian for Pet Dermatology Treatments

If your pet is suffering from dermatology issues, bring him to Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital for an accurate diagnosis of his condition and treatment. Don’t wait for skin problems to escalate into serious health issues that require lengthy treatments. To schedule a consultation with your Morehead City veterinarian for dermatology issues, call 252-247-5595 today.