Exotic Animals Treated at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

Exotic Animals Treated

Finding a veterinarian for your typical family pets—cat and dogs—is generally an easy task as most all veterinarians see typical household pets.

However, for families who welcome avian, rodent, reptile, or aquatic friends into their home, the task of finding a caring and qualified veterinarian may be a bit more difficult.

More exotic animals such as rabbits, reptiles, birds and pocket pets (such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and other rodents) require specialized treatment and additional care that is not common with cats, dogs and farm animals. These pets require a gentler approach and are often more delicate to work with, having body systems and quirks that require specialized veterinarian training. Many local veterinarians do not have the specialized training and skills necessary to work with exotic animals.

About Our Animal Hospital

Dr. Clayton McQuiddy, DVM at Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital has both the training and experience for treating these beloved pets in a gentle and caring environment. The animal hospital provides basic care and treatment for exotic pets by appointment and through the emergency and urgent care team. Services provided include:

Exams and Checkups, Surgery, Grooming, Emergency and Urgent Care, Dentistry, Boarding, and other specialized care and treatment for exotic animals.

While emergency and urgent care are available at the animal hospital, appointments may be necessary to ensure the veterinarian who treats these pets is available. Forms for first-time patients are also available online, as well as the online store.

Call Our Animal Hospital Today

If you have an exotic pet or are thinking about getting one in or around Morehead City, make an appointment with Dr. Clayton McQuiddy, DVM, and his caring team at Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital today or call for more information. Your pocket pets—whether avian, rodent, or reptilian, are in good hands.

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