Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Regular bathing and grooming can help keep your pet feeling and smelling good, but it also helps promote general health. Grooming can prevent parasites, skin conditions, and damage that could require more intensive veterinary care. At Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital in Morehead City, NC, we can help keep your pet clean and well-groomed.

Pet Bathing

An occasional bath removes dirt and debris from the coat and keeps your pet smelling good. However, bathing can also remove oils that nourish the coat and skin, so you should not bath a pet more than once a month. If you have a busy schedule or physical limitations that make bathing your pet difficult, we can help with bathing services to keep your pet clean and sweet-smelling.

Coat Care

Longhaired or short, each pet’s coat needs regular care to keep it looking good and ensure healthy skin. Daily brushing and combing can help distribute oils through the coats and prevent matting. Many breeds need regular clipping or special combing of the undercoat to maintain a good appearance. A clean coat and healthy skin are crucial to good general health, preventing skin problems, and avoiding parasites.

Ear and Nail Care

Regular inspection and cleaning of the ears and nails will help prevent problems that can make your pet uncomfortable. Cleaning the ears will allow you to detect ear infections, ear mites, or other issues. Regular nail care prevents splitting and catching of the nails that can cause damage to the paws. Cats also need regular ear and nail care to keep them from developing infections and other types of issues.

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Dr. Bailey, Dr. McQuiddy, Dr. Zarzosa, and our team at Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital use our knowledge and experience to provide quality care for patients in Morehead City and the surrounding areas. Besides pet bathing and grooming, we also offer wellness visits, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, pet dentistry, and allergy care. Contact us at Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital at 252-303-2796 to have your pet groomed or learn more about our various services.

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