Just as humans can experience arthritis and inflammation in their joints, pets can too. This can cause them to slow down or cause pain. At Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital, located in Morehead City NC, our veterinarians can diagnose inflammation and arthritis, and help make your pet as comfortable as possible. If you suspect your pet is experiencing arthritis, let us help.

What Causes Pet Arthritis and Inflammation?

As pets age, the cartilage that is between their joints begins to naturally thin. This can lead to both arthritis and Inflammation in the joints. In addition to this, obesity can put pressure on the joints which can cause the cartilage to wear prematurely. Injuries to the joints and muscles can also cause both of these conditions even after the injury has healed.

The Signs Your Pet Has Arthritis

One of the most common signs that pet owners notice if their pet has arthritis and inflammation is a slow down in their pet. Your dog may appear to want to lay more than normal and not want to play or fetch. Both cats and dogs may be slow to get up and slow to move. Weather can affect arthritis and inflammation, as can a lot of exercise. If your pet is slower on a cold day or after they have had a busy day the day before, your pet may be experiencing this condition.

How a Veterinarian Treats Arthritis

There are many different treatments that your veterinarian may offer if your pet is experiencing arthritis and inflammation. The veterinary treatment that is offered will vary based on the age of your pet and how much pain your pet seems to be experiencing. Non-steroid treatments and pain relievers can be used to treat minor arthritis. If your pet is in significant pain, steroid treatments, stronger pain relievers, and even surgical intervention may be used to help your pet and improve their quality of life.

Let Our Veterinarian Help Your Pet With Arthritis and Inflammation

Arthritis and inflammation can make your pet uncomfortable and is often painful. While these conditions are common in older pets, there is no reason your pet has to live in pain. If your pet is uncomfortable, our veterinarians at Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital in Morehead City can help. Call us today at (252) 247-5595 to schedule an appointment.