Pet Dental Care

Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?

Pets use their teeth for more than just eating.  Unlike people, pets regularly rely on their teeth as a set of hands to pick items up.  Further, their teeth are an important tool that allows your pets to vocalize.  Several diseases first appear within the mouth of your pet.  Dangerous heart or kidney disease will first show their symptoms in your pet's mouth, so careful monitoring can help prevent dangerous disease early.  Regular dental care can help keep your pets healthy and happy for life. 


What Can Pet Dental Care Help with?

Pet owners seek out dental care for their pets for a number of issues.  These issues include a tooth infection, tooth pain, bad breath, or just a general need for teeth cleaning.  Regular dental care can help keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy.  Bad breath in dogs is often caused by a larger underlying problem such as a diseased or decaying tooth.  If tooth pain and disease is not quickly corrected it can easily spread to otherwise healthy teeth in the mouth.  Regular teeth cleanings can help eliminate periodontal diseases in an animal's gums.  Advanced gingivitis can cause open wounds in the mouth which are a perfect site for dangerous bacteria to enter the body.  Cleaning your pet's teeth can also help remove plaque and tarter buildup which lead to tooth infection and disease.   

What Should I Expect at the Veterinarian?

For the protection of your dogs and the veterinarian, your pets will have to put under light anesthesia for dental procedures.  This will allow the veterinarian to get in and around your pets' mouths to fully clean and care for their teeth.  The vet will work to clean the gums and mouths of your pets, checking the integrity of their teeth.  If necessary, your vet will remove any of your pets' damaged or decayed teeth.  Following the procedure, your vet will provide aftercare instructions which may include antibiotics or pain management medication.  Your vet may also make suggestions for certain additives or cleaning devices to keep your pets' teeth clean in between professional cleanings.  For dogs, various textured chews are available to help remove tarter and plaque build-up.

At Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital, we believe pet dental care is the best way to help guarantee the overall health and wellbeing of your cat or dog.  Proudly serving the residents of Newport, we are happy to help treat your pet's dental issues.  Our Morehead City location is easily accessible to Newport, and is always accepting new patients.  To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call our office today at (252) 247-5595

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Read What Our Clients Say

    Dr. Marci and the staff at Bridges have taken amazing care of my boys (who are not easy to work with I might add). They treat us like royalty and I wouldn’t trust my babies with anyone else. They are amazing, always so sweet, caring, and understanding. I just can’t thank them enough for keeping my sweet babies happy and healthy.

    MOLLY S.

    Doctor Roxanne Taylor is the best most Professional Veterinarian. For the past 30 years she has been their for us and our dogs. She has the most loving caring heart of any Veterinarian I have ever met. Thank You Doc. Taylor for all you do! Ronnie & Debbie Ennis


    truly kind and caring doctor and staff. they honestly love animals and and put their patients above everything. I had to lay my dog down, it was a horrible time, and the doctor cared enough to make sure i got her paw print, some of her hair, and her ashes. Then i got a card in the mail from the vet herself that was heartfelt, they are not in it for the money, but for their love of animals.

    GERRI R.

    I’ve been taking my birds and dogs to Dr. Taylor and her staff for a very long time – one of my cockatiels is 22 years old (they're only supposed to reach 12!) In healthy times, sickness and emergencies, the folks at Bridges have been there for me with compassion and excellent care. They are such a part of the community and are always active in animal rescue events, rabies clinics, and any opportunity to support animal welfare. These folks care like family.

    RITA E.

    I have a very high regard for Dr. Taylor and her staff. They take great care of my pets, and during a recent emergency, I was really impressed by Dr. Taylor’s tenacious, detail-oriented diagnostics and resulting treatment recommendations. Bridges is also the vet for Siamese Cat Rescue efforts in this area. I love the staff. They are so willing to work with us and they really support our efforts in caring for these amazing creatures and helping find them safe and loving homes.


    Dr. Roxanne Taylor is a great, caring vet. I breed, raise and show champion Doberman Pinschers and Dr. Taylor has been my vet for 18 years. She is beyond caring; I can site thousands of incidents. She is very thorough; her motto is ‘let’s find out, let’s be sure.’ Her staff, oh my gosh, they know who you are when you call, are so personable and do everything to make the animals feel at home. They are accessible, honest and truly love what they do. I couldn’t imagine finding better vete


    Oh I love Roxanne! The best way I can describe my experience with her is total trust. She is honest, deeply compassionate and not afraid to refer you to a specialist when it’s in the best interest of the animal. She snatched one of my Yorkies from the grave twice within his first two years of life! And when my sister and I lost our Poodles, she was so comforting. Our dogs just wag their tails like crazy when they see her; that’s a testimonial in itself!

    THEDA “FAY” S.

    I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Taylor and her practice. They go to extraordinary lengths to help animals . . . and their people! Before I moved here from New Jersey, I brought my dog to Dr. Taylor whenever I visited my daughter. It was a long way to travel to see the vet, but she helped me bring an abused very scared animal to health. She is very upfront and helps me make good decisions for my pets with complete information. I’m very pleased with the service I’ve gotten at Bridges Animal


    Dr. Taylor has been treating our dogs for more than 20 years. We breed show dogs and therapy dogs and are very particular. The folks at Bridges are gentle, kind and have never let us down. We have complete confidence in them and wouldn’t go anyplace else. We are really lucky to get to work with them.


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