Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital Offers
Pet Diagnostics and Bloodwork

Veterinarians must diagnose health problems from patients that cannot provide much information about their symptoms. Training, experience and today’s new technologies help vets to detect health problems in pets faster and more accurately than ever before.

At Bridges Professional Park in Morehead City, NC, we utilize a number of diagnostic technologies and blood tests for our patients' care.

Diagnostic Technologies Help Vets Provide Better Care

For many years, vets have used x-rays to “see” inside the body, to determine the condition of hard structures like the bones and spine or to find obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract or other organs. Ultrasound technology allows them to view problems with soft tissues inside the body. It is used routinely in daily veterinary practice to find tumors, detect changes in size or shape of internal organs and to help with gestational problems in pets. Laparoscopic surgery used a long, flexible tube with a tiny camera at the end to guide veterinarians when correcting problems in the internal organs. The small incisions made during these procedures allow pets to heal more easily and quickly, with fewer post-surgical complications.

Bloodwork Reveals What's Going On Inside Your Pet’s Body

Veterinarians frequently order blood tests for their patients, to find out how internal organs are functioning. The “complete blood count," or CBC, is a test that measures the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other information. These numbers can indicate infection or other disorders inside the body. A chemistry panel provides information about enzyme production and other important compounds produced by internal organs. These tests provide a wealth of critical data for vets to make a fast, accurate diagnosis. Bloodwork is not only important for sick animals. It also is critical for finding hidden problems in seemingly healthy pets, so that early treatment can be administered to minimize health problems.

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Dr. Bailey, Dr. McQuiddy, Dr. Zarzosa, and our team at Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing quality care for each of their patients in Morehead City and nearby communities. We offer many services for pets, including preventative care, surgery, vaccinations, surgery, dermatology, grooming, and emergency care.

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