Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital is a full-service surgical facility. Our surgeons attend a variety of needs, including thoracic, gastrointestinal and oncologic cases. Your pet is in good hands.

Most surgery is carried out using general anesthesia agents. While there is certain risk with any use of anesthesia, we use state-of-the-art vital sign monitoring equipment and follow standardized protocols for each procedure. A good medical history, physical examinations, ECG screening of the heart’s rhythm and blood counts, along with blood chemistry testing greatly enhance the safety index for the pet during the procedure and recovery.

We know more today about the important role Pain Control is to recovery. We utilize pain control drugs at the time of surgery, upon discharge, and routinely recommend pain medications to be dispensed during the pet’s recovery at home.

Your role in your pet’s nursing care can not be over emphasized. Proper preparation for surgery and post surgery nursing are as important as the surgery itself.

Surgery Preparation

The morning of surgery, please:

  • Exercise your pet in the morning before bringing to the clinic
  • Do NOT allow any food
  • Give oral antibiotics as directed
  • Remind the clinic about any drug allergies or other medical conditions that might be of concern at the time of surgery
  • Discuss any concerns and ask any questions you may have
  • Provide phone numbers where you can be reached throughout the day

Call us today at (252) 247-5595 to schedule an appointment.