Common Pet Parasites

Common Pet Parasites

Your pets are members of your family, and you want to be able to enjoy their company for many years. Keeping them healthy is a crucial part of a long life. Much like humans, pets need to get a yearly health exam to make sure that their vaccines are up to date and to diagnose any illness early. Protecting them from common pet parasites is also important to their health and their comfort. At Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital in Morehead City, our veterinarians have years of experience in preventive, emergency, and wellness pet care.


Fleas love to make their home on pets and will bite you as well if they could get the chance. Your pets can contract them if they are exposed to wild animals or by going to where fleas usually inhabit, such as under a porch. Fleas are known to carry the larvae of tapeworms, which if they are ingested, the worms can cause damage in the intestines. Normally, fleas consume 15 times their body weight in just a day, which can lead to anemia. Fleas are very prolific, and an infestation gets out of control quickly and infest your home as well.


Ticks carry a variety of diseases that can affect your pets’ health, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. The CDC recommends checking your pets for ticks daily. If you find a tick on your pets, remove it immediately and watch your pets for any signs that they may have contracted one of the many diseases ticks carry.


Your pets are susceptible to a variety of worms. The most insidious are heartworms, but they are not the only ones to worry about. Your pets may also be exposed to a variety of intestinal worms, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.

Come and See Our Veterinarians in Morehead City for Parasite Treatment

Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital offers all the pet care services that you may need to keep your animals healthy. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from common pet parasites, give our animal hospital a call at (252) 247-5595 to set up an appointment. All of these parasites are treatable, and our veterinarians will inform you of all the treatment options available.

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