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.Pets themselves can give little information about how they feel and what hurts. Veterinarians rely on their training and experience to help them diagnose health issues. Technology has offered a variety of pet diagnostics and bloodwork measures to help them provide answers faster and more accurately, so the right treatment can begin.

At Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital in Morehead City, NC, we offer a broad range of diagnostics and bloodwork measures to help resolve pet health problems.

Pet Diagnostics

Diagnosing a pet illness or injury requires thorough examination, knowledge of animal anatomy and experience of symptoms. Different types of testing help to inform veterinarians of what is going on inside an animal's body. Your vet will use a variety of diagnostic methods to accurately diagnose your pet’s health problem, in order to provide the right diagnosis and faster treatment.

Diagnostic Technologies in Veterinary Medicine

The technologies that have been so helpful in human medicine can also aid veterinarians in their diagnoses for animal patients. X-rays have been used for many years in veterinary medicine to detect fractures of the bones, joint problems and spinal disorders in animals. Ultrasound, which uses sound waves that bounce off tissues inside the body, allow vets to “look” inside the body without having to do invasive, exploratory surgery. Your vet may even order MRI testing for your pet to understand complex problems in the internal organs and tissues of the body.

Pet Bloodwork

When your veterinarian orders blood tests for your pet, it is because these tests can tell a great deal about the function of the animal’s organs. The tests measure levels of chemicals in the bloodstream that may vary from normal levels in healthy animals. They can detect bacterial infections, high levels of blood glucose and enzymes that indicate problems in heart, liver and kidney function.

Make Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Morehead City

Dr. McQuiddy, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Taylor use their extensive training in veterinary medicine to ensure the health of their patients in Morehead City, NC and nearby communities. We offer a range of services, including wellness care, vaccinations, preventative care, surgery, emergency care, grooming and boarding.

Contact Bridges Professional Park Animal Hospital today at 252-303-2796 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about today’s pet diagnostics that can help pets have longer, healthier and more active lives.


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